Alpha V 0.2.0

This is the largest update since the beginning of the project, with a completely new simulation system, tons of new features, improved graphics, sounds, music and more.

What’s new:

An entirely new biological simulation with processes and molecules based on real life

  • The simulation now runs on an colony of cells rather than one only.
  • Processes like in real life such as glycolisis, respiratory chain, aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, and others, are simulated.
  • Real elements such as salts like Na and K, and gasses like O2 and CO2, with molecules like glucose, ATP, and Acetyl-CoA are in the game now.
  • A pH buffer system and Enzymes are constantly running at maintaining metabolic balance.
  • A reproduciton system where cells reproduce when in ideal conditions, or die off when under stress.

A brand new Mixer

  • The mixer now allows you to make solutions with different ingredients and different proportions.
  • Two pumps are available with adjustable speeds to pump created solutions to the cells.
  • Displays show detailed information on solution ingredients, prices and more.
  • Inaccurate sliders were removed and replaced with easier-to-use buttons.

The Molecular Synthesizer

  • A tool that allows you to create and customize pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Up to 5 different attributes per drug customizable.
  • Drugs can be named and added to the list of available ingredients to be used as any other molecule in the mixer and get pumped into the cell.
  • A complex price system that adds consequences to the development of complex drugs.

A brand new Codex

  • The Codex has now multiple pages with linking articles within the game.
  • Added a text based information on how to play the game.
  • Added information about the cell, it’s functions, and elements within the game.

Scenarios and Objectives

  • The game has three playable custom scenarios plus a sandbox mode.
  • Added budget restrictions and prices to the usage of molecules and drugs.
  • Added objectives that fail or succeed.


  • An entire graphical overhaul provides a set of new buttons, a title screen and a new gameplay background.
  • Added a visual representation of a cellular colony, with moving cells, changing colors, reproduction, spread, and death.

Audio, Music and settings

  • Added menus with variable resolution options.
  • Added 5 different soundtracks specifically composed by yours truly to the game, with the ability to mute them, skip tracks, and loop individual tracks.
  • Added simple click sounds to buttons and menu.
  • Settings save upon exiting the game.

Consider sharing your views after playing it. I’d love to hear what you think!

Copyright (C) 2021 – Mahmoud Wasim Alhaj Omar /
This game and idea of this game is part of an work in progress project in development. It can not be copied and/or distributed without the express permission of the author above.


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