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What is Astrobion ?

Astrobion, is an indie puzzle game deep in development, where you play the role of a scientist on a distant planet trying to figure out alien organisms and curing their diseases. The game simulates a simple version of a cell and you as a scientist have a chemistry mixer and molecular synthesizer at your disposal to mix and try different medications and what effects they have on the living organism. The goal is to figure out and solve those medical cases with as little resources as possible, being on a distant planet where everything is expensive to make. (lore WOI)


The game is programmed by one person. I’m a medical student who isn’t doing it full-time, it is as alpha as they get, but here is a good place to dump test builds until I have a working prototype. Please do try it and offer any feedback/ suggestions, your feedback will help shape the game as it slowly grows.

The game is written in C/C++, using SDL and a few minor libraries. The engine is built from scratch.

Make sure you check out my YouTube and Twitch channels, I stream the entire process of development there live.

– Wassim

What’s coming up next?

The next step from the current version (0.2.0) is expanding the gameplay into a story mode and adding academic papers as a gameplay and progress mechanic. A genetic model is also to be added to the game.

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